Philanthropy Projects

15% of Specialty products income – aprons, bags, stockings, place mats and napkins, will be donated to Siteman Cancer Center in remembrance of Gene Weber.

Gene Weber

Gene Weber

Gene was the brother everyone wishes for.  He was the 7th child, of 8.  Gene was born between Barbara and Debra.  The three of us were peas in a pod.  At least we like to think so.  All our other sisters would tell you they were closest to him.  That’s just the kind of  brother Gene was.

Gene was the greatest brother, son, uncle, grandfather, friend, cousin, co-worker.  He inspired the hearts of many.  Gene lived to encourage. He was a community man, participating as the volunteer fire department chief for Orchard Farm, MO for many years.  He was a farmer, seed and fertilizer sales representative, and a CRHP brother at St. Charles Borromeo Parish.  He seemed to know everyone in the entire county of St. Charles MO.  We were most blessed to have Gene as OUR brother.   He still blesses us each day with his gift of family –  He gave us a lovely sister-in-law and three beautiful nieces and through them, the sweetest great-nieces and great-nephews.

Gene fought cancer for 18 months and he never accepted that cancer would beat him.  He lived every day with the intent to be here for many years.

In Gene’s fight against cancer, we witnessed a tremendous faith in God, a never ending love for family, and an awe-inspiring attitude and presence.

A day never passes without a thought or comment about him in our Workroom at Seven Sisters Home Designs.  This picture of Gene in his apron – PETA – People Eating Tasty Animals – All God’s animals look best next to the mashed potatoes and gravy, depicts his marvelous sense of humor.  The apron was made by Barbara (Debra helped a little with the lettering!) and given to him December 2009, exactly three months before his passing.  Gene wore it so proudly.

We just had to share our brother with you.

We miss you, Gene.